Monday, October 24, 2011

recent happenings

i do intend to blog more often than once every six weeks or has been a busy fall for us between weekends away for football games, church activities, christopher under a work deadline right now, and me trying to finish my professional license before the baby comes.

i think "nesting" has begun as i started to realize that there are many projects i would like to get done to my house over the next few months. one thing that was long overdue (mostly because i took my time deciding what i wanted!) was finding some kind of window treatment for our master bedroom. i finally settled on thick white (faux-)wood blinds. i have to commend my sweet husband for installing these the same day we bought them, despite his having to work 60+ hour weeks lately.
i also picked a paint color for our guest bedroom. it is called easy green and is sort of seafoamy. i just liked the shade but loved it even more when i realized it goes perfectly with a great picture my photographer friend liz took at a random (defunct) gas station somewhere in the SC countryside. my picture doesn't do it justice, but it hopefully shows how the wall color brings out the photo color.
i had been waiting to start thinking about the nursery until we found out the baby's gender...we are having a girl!!! so i'd like to do the walls in a shade of brown and the room in pink and green, since i was inspired by this precious bedding.

so far i have only had one intense food craving: for fried chicken. on the bone. nothing else would satisfy, so fortunately chris had no problem with us getting bojangles that is my most recent "belly shot" around the end of 18 weeks. this past weekend was a special one since christopher was ordained as a deacon in our church. both sets of parents came for the ceremony, and we had a great time as a are the men: and us:


All Boxed Up said...

Congrats to Chris!! The belly is looking cute. The big nesting will hit closer to when you are about to go into labor. I remember cleaning the microwave, oven, the fridge, deep cleaning the house, and organizing stuff. I just kept moving as much as a beached whale could at 37 to 39 weeks.
I love the rooms you have been decorating.

Erika said...

So much to say!! First of all: BLOG MORE OFTEN. Second of the wall color in the bedroom! Can't wait to see the finished product. Thirdly, congrats on a girl. :) You are in great danger of her being me...just as a fair warning. Fourthly...Bojangles is the BEST CRAVING EVER. I crave it regularly, and I have no excuse. :) Fifthly, Christopher looks so grown up and deaconly in his suit!!