Tuesday, May 24, 2011

recent happenings

we have been in our new house about a week and a half now. we had a great group of friends who helped us move in. we are so thankful for their friendship & help!
we moved the same weekend as my dad's 60th birthday, and we were planning to surprise him the next day (sunday) for lunch. it turned out that since the move went so smoothly (and quicker than we thought, thanks to my sweet engineer husband who streamlined everything), we were able to go to augusta that same saturday (my dad's actual birthday) and surprise him for dinner! he was not expecting it, and we had a great visit.
we are slowly getting things unpacked, but i am seeing that it is going to be a process. this is the first time in my life i've moved where i didn't have 2 weeks or a whole summer off of work and school to get settled.
we are getting used to our new location and driving a little further to get places. downtown doesn't seem as far as i thought it would. i went to liz's birthday downtown last week (but unfortunately didn't take any good pictures!). tonight i had dinner at the nosedive with my sweet girls from bible study, as an end-of-the-study party. i am sad that we no longer have a central location to meet. the four on the left are new moms or moms-to-be, which is exciting! these girls have challenged me in my faith and "spurred me on to good works," which i thank God for!