Tuesday, February 26, 2008

valenversary pics

in the interest of catching my pictures up to my posts, here are the flowers chris gave me and the valenversary cake i made him!

Friday, February 15, 2008

a surprise holiday!

this week has been particularly rough at my internship. i think it's a combination of me not getting enough sleep and some pretty manipulative/intrusive patients that have come in lately. i have often heard the advice from my professors "don't work harder than your clients," but i feel like lately i've been having to do just that. sometimes i have to act outside of my personality, being pushy in order to get information we need to help the patients. anyway, yesterday i was very much dreading my 3-11pm shift. for one, the people that come in for psychiatric emergencies after regular business hours are usually pretty severe cases. second, it was valentine's day! i'd been contemplating taking some time off, just to ensure that i'm taking care of myself and not becoming totally burned out physically, mentally, and emotionally.

so around 2pm my supervisor from the inpatient rotation called me to say that my supervisor on this ER rotation was sick and they were having trouble finding a replacement. they didn't feel it was fair to put the interns through that (working with someone not qualified to supervise), so she told me to take the night off. YAY! praise the Lord! this was seriously an answered prayer!

chris and i didn't have anything planned last night, because we were planning to celebrate "valenversary" tonight: monday was our 6 month wedding semi-anniversary and of course valentine's day last night. despite not having planned anything ahead, we had a pretty great night. we enjoyed a candlelit dinner of leftovers, chris brought me home 2 dozen beautiful red roses, and we snuggled watching father of the bride. i am so thankful for the surprise blessing!

Friday, February 8, 2008

just so everyone knows...

katy's original post below was a plain picture of the clemson logo. i resisted the urge to delete it entirely; instead i chose to put a big fat "no" sign through it. that's right: no clemson on this blog!

this is the only 1-a team we allow:

a glimpse into the future

so, as chris mentioned last weekend we went to greenville. it really felt like a sneak peek into our lives as of may '08. for one, we searched for apartments, which took us all over town. i'm definitely excited at the prospect of more home for our buck (or less buck for a similar home!). at the ge prom, i got to meet a lot of chris' coworkers and their spouses. some were super-friendly and wanted to make plans to hang out once we get there. on sunday, we visited a church in taylors (a suburb) where my pastor from my old church in augusta now preaches. we didn't see a lot of young couples there, but we also didn't go to sunday school or the contemporary service. and there are plenty of other churches closer to greenville we can try. it's definitely difficult starting over after living in atlanta for nearly 6 years. i feel in a weird position here in atlanta, knowing that we're about to transition and not wanting to get too comfortable or too involved where we're at. at the same time, i want to make the most of the last 3 months we have here! it's a conflicting feeling, but it reminds me of how God places us in certain situations as certain times for His purposes - and often blesses us through it (cf. story of esther). i find myself having to put my faith in Him more through this time of change.

speaking of the future, i've got all my application materials in to clemson! after i graduate from my counseling program in may, i'll have to take some additional classes once we move to sc due to different state licensure requirements. i'm not thrilled about going back to school right after graduation (rather anticlimactic), but i'm trying to look at it as a chance to meet friends and make some job contacts. chris is being a great sport about giving a portion of his paycheck to a rival university!

hot gas path!

in response to chris' penultimate post (i really just wanted to use the word penultimate), i am ready for the day he hands out business cards that read:
christopher golden, hot gas path
apparently people in "the biz" aren't phased by the hilarity of this description! does this mean chris is on the path to hot gas? i'm imagining bodily functions and wondering where the path takes you...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


once again, it has been several weeks since our last blog post. i'm sure you're not even reading this because i haven't posted in so long. i told myself this wasn't going to happen, but i guess i have gotten busy with my new job. speaking of which it's going very well.

we had an excellent january. we started a new life class at church - we're taking dave ramsey's financial peace university. it's a very practical financial class that's helping us to learn how to budget and invest better and to in general become better stewards of the blessings god has given us.

it snowed twice in january. certainly a rarity, and i'm sure most of you know this because you also live in georgia.

i've been pretty soaked up with politics for the first time in a while. throughout most of college i was pretty apathetic about politics - this probably had something to do with studying all the time and not having time to be interested. i'm not so much excited about any particular candidate, but it's really interesting to hear all of the different policy opinions, both informed and uninformed.

in other major news - we went to the ge prom last weekend. it's not really called the ge prom, but that's what everyone in the office calls it. it's a yearly event for all the salaried employees in the greenville office. everyone gets dressed up and heads out for a swanky saturday night. ge throws in food, drink, music, and dancing. this year was a mardi gras theme, complete with masquerade masks, beads, mardi gras characters, and other assorted decorations. my highlight of the evening was the jazz combo and the unending pile of jumbo boiled shrimp in the buffet line. a close second was seeing how badly some of my coworkers dance (esp. when they have drank away their inhibitions). sorry we don't have pictures because we forgot the camera.

i promise it won't be so long until my next post.