Monday, October 13, 2008


i can now add author to my list of accomplishments. my grad school paper is finally getting published! it's in the american society of mechanical engineers journal of manufacturing science and engineering. click here for the citation. the funniest thing is that they sell it for $25 per copy. if you actually want to read it, you'll have to subscribe to asme or pay up! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

job update

on tuesday, i was feeling more frustrated than ever about not having a job, and i prayed for trust in God's timing. not even one hour after i finished praying, i got a phone call from a place i interviewed checking on one of my references (jamey!). it was just the encouragement i needed, and i felt like God was reminding me He was still working in that situation. then a few hours later i got a job offer and felt like it was a direct answer to my prayers!

i start next week as a treatment coordinator at a group home for boys where i'll be providing group & individual therapy, as well as some family sessions. i'm excited that my supervisors are open to letting me incorporate art into the group sessions. i'm definitely nervous about starting something new, but i truly feel like this is what God prepared for me.