Monday, March 29, 2010

march update

chris & i have been staying busy this month! he just started softball season with the church league again. i'm looking forward to watching his games and getting to hang out with the other wives. chris is entering his busiest season at work, with a yearly design review coming up. my work has been pretty exhausting lately. my outlet has been getting together with my friend lori every week to work on various craft projects. she's into making jewelry, and i'm working on another decoupage to decorate my office.

chris & i visited augusta weekend before last, for my friend tori's wedding shower. she & ron are getting married near chicago in july. the shower was quite a reunion! here's the trio of high school best friends: tori, jessie, & me. and the three of us with carrie. this group goes all the way back to middle school!old roommates from atlanta: tori, meghan, nidhi, me. we had a nice visit with both sets of parents and then returned to greenville for a celebration of the end of our forty days of community campaign at church. our sunday school class has grown (i.e., doubled) over the last several weeks!