Wednesday, April 23, 2008

moving day...

once again it has been a long time since i've blogged (but not as long as erika!), and life has definitely been busy in the meantime. we are rapidly approaching our move date. it seems weird to say that we're moving in 6 days, and we haven't done anything to prepare yet. i'm glad the general is footing the bill for the movers. i haven't experienced it yet, but after the move i'll let you know how great it is to watch someone else move all of our stuff out of our third floor apartment.

i've been busy with work, katy's been busy with school - what else is new? still we've found time to hang out with plenty of friends that we will miss dearly once we move to greenville. the list includes, but is not limited to: dinner at alfredo's (i should write another "places we like to eat" entry on this one), tech vs. uga baseball game, tech vs. miami baseball game and steak n' shake afterward, dinner at little szechuan, lunches at canton cooks and artuzzi's, and dinner at clay's (earlier tonight actually). can you tell we like to eat? i definitely believe good friends and good food go together. we've got two last events planned for the weekend: genki (our fave sushi joint) with wes and blakely, and olive garden for lunch with our sunday school class. we will definitely miss all of these folks, and we hope to come back to atlanta early and often.

in the midst of all this business, i'm really enjoying life. work is enjoyable, and i thankfully haven't had too many other after work responsibilities. we're looking forward to being totally out of school and going on weekend trips and having generally all around good times. God has blessed us so much in this busy transition time, and we're looking forward to a lazy summer in greenville.

to end the post, a funny new (to me) website courtesy of angela and joseph: definitely funny, so check it out.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

things to be happy about

for my final meeting (read party) with my supervision group from school, we were asked to bring a gift that symbolizes a wish that we have for our fellow counselors as we leave each other. i decided on a little book that a counselor at my internship shared with me called 14,000 things to be happy about. go to the website and click on the "happy house" to get a short list of items from the book (changes every time you refresh). the book is literally a list of 14,000 quaint and wonderful items that make the author (and people she knows) happy. or, as she describes it "the little things that make life worth living." here i should point out the perspective that chris challenged me with: the list may not include the most important thing - Jesus! i can't say for sure since i haven't read the whole book. nevertheless, it has inspired me to start my own list of simple pleasures - all of which are blessings from God. these are a few of my favorite things:

  • having something good to say and saying it
  • sunday afternoon naps
  • color
  • tea, iced or hot
  • handwritten letters
  • lit candles
  • new friends that feel like old friends
  • precision of language
i told chris that if he made his own happy list, the doppler effect would definitely be included! probably hot gas paths, too.