Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween weekend

we had quite a busy weekend. we spent all day saturday in atlanta at the clemson game. some sweet clemson friends of ours from greenville, matt & meg, made the drive with us (pictured on the left). we also got to meet up with some of our other clemson friends, tim & blaire (on the right). they moved to the atlanta area almost a year ago, and we miss getting to see them more often! of course we got to see our usual favorite tech friends (er, tech friends & their wives): justin & linda (left) and derek & katherine (right). you see a sea of white and gold (and navy) behind us storming the field because we weren't expecting to win against clemson!
sunday night we went to a halloween party with some church friends.for a while, i have been wanting to find a reason to wear my tiara from my wedding day again. i am (a redheaded, pregnant) holly golightly from breakfast at tiffany's. all i bought were the evening gloves and the plastic cigarette holder. christopher is beaker from the muppets. he did a great job of making his head, and he borrowed the lab coat from his mom (it was too big for her, in case you were wondering!).
in other news, here's what i look like at (almost) 21 weeks. and here are two outfits i recently bought for baby G. if i had a daughter, sir, i'd dress her in white & gold!


Erika said...

You look so cute, Katy!! Love the Halloween costume and the bump picture. Looks like yall had an exciting game Saturday!

All Boxed Up said...

Cute belly bump! Love the costumes.