Sunday, February 14, 2010


here's us after celebrating valentine's with a delicious meal at devereaux's last night:this restaurant is a special treat, as we only go on very special occasions. we got the "valentine's day chef's tasting menu", which was 5 small courses of the chef's choosing. my favorite course was lobster with a vanilla-parsnip sauce. the dessert, a white chocolate shell encasing raspberries & chocolate mousse atop lemon meringue, was a close second!

we exchanged cards, and i made christopher a crossword puzzle of some memories from our relationship. i found a neat website (discovery puzzlemaker) that makes them for you- perfect for teachers! this is our 7th valentine's day together, our 3rd as husband & wife. we've now had eva for one year, if you remember that we got her in 2009 for a valentine's gift to each other.


here's eva hopping through the snow:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

netflix origami

i learned about netflix origami in real simple. it's a fun way of reusing the netflix flaps that you tear off before sending your movie back. somebody figured out how to fold them just right to make 13 different shapes. as you can see, so far i've made the t-shirt, tray, envelope, swan, box, heart, and frog. i still have the crab, sack, cube, and several airplanes to make to complete the set!