Tuesday, September 30, 2008

church update

after spending all summer visiting a lot of churches in greenville, chris and i are thrilled to start attending one regularly: brushy creek baptist church. they have a great newlyweds sunday school class we've been going to. though we feel like we've been married long enough not to be considered newlyweds anymore (we're pros at this now right??), the other couples are closer to our age and typically stay about 3 years before moving up to the young marrieds class. it doesn't hurt that the teacher went to georgia tech, and he & his wife are big gt football fans! last weekend we went with them to see the movie fireproof, and it was great! we're looking forward to becoming more involved there and getting to know people better. everybody we've met so far has been so loving and inclusive, and we're grateful that God has led us there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

gt vs. miss state

we had our second home game of the season this past weekend, and this time my parents joined us. since it was a noon game, we had a breakfast tailgate before and a lunch/dinner (linner?) tailgate afterward. that's a lot of tailgating! it was great to catch up with some of our old bsu friends and enjoy good food. my parents really had a good time and were glad to get to meet some of our college friends. i guess i've been married a while and people have gotten used to my new name because one friend accidentally called my parents "mr. and mrs. golden" when we introduced them.a funny thing happened. my parents brought a (brand-new) cooler with drinks for the tailgate. they were a little concerned about leaving it under our tent during the game, but chris & i reassured them that it would be fine. we've been tailgating in that spot for a few seasons now and always leave our tailgate equipment there during the game; nothing's ever been stolen. you can see where this is going...when we got back after the game, their cooler was gone! it was the only thing missing.my dad summed up the day pretty well when he gave us "A+ for food, A+ for hospitality...and F for security!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

64 crayons

today chris is watching football...all day. so in my boredom, i found this. brings back some great memories of one of my favorite childhood pastimes! i guessed them all - with a few mistakes. apparently they've renamed a few colors since the last time i bought a box. my favorite is blue violet, but sea green is pretty awesome too.

Monday, September 8, 2008


like i always say at the beginning of a post, it has been too long since i last blogged. katy has been doing such a good job keeping up with our goings-on that i haven't really had anything more to say. but, she's watching the hills and we only have one tv, so i literally have nothing else to do. so, i'll give it a shot.

i've been living the blue collar life these days as i'm working out on the shop floor for a two week manufacturing rotation. this kind of stuff is right up my alley; sometimes it's much more fun to get to work with those guys than deal with the day-to-day office frustrations. but, it's back to "real" work next week, and i'll be glad to do it. between this training, our vacation, and another week of training prior to that i've effectively been out of the office for about a month. luckily, i work with some great folks and we all try to pick up each other's slack when training and travel come around.

my birthday was last week. i'm 25 now, but i don't feel any different. maybe my car insurance bill will be cheaper this november.

football season officially started 11 days ago. so far the jackets are 2-0, and i'm still very much enjoying football season. here's to hoping for a great season and many good times in atlanta with old college friends.

we're still looking for a church, and we've basically got it narrowed down to two. we like different aspects of both, and we're sort of dreading making the choice. please pray that God would show us (in one way or another) where He would have us serve. we love greenville so far, and we know that it will be much easier to get involved once we're settled into a church.

maybe something exciting will happen this week, and i'll be back to blogging before you know it. i'll keep you posted...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

gt game & anniversary trip

last weekend was our much-awaited vacation. chris took thursday & friday off, so we were able to leave thursday morning for atlanta. i'd been wanting to visit the coke museum for a while, so we took the tour in the afternoon. my favorite part was by far tasting coke drinks from around the world.

then we met our friends angela & joseph (both tech alum) and rode marta down to midtown together. after dinner at the varsity, we enjoyed the first game of the season. i have to get used to our new seats...but i definitely like being able to sit down during the game (impossible in the student section).due to some unexptected circumstances, our plans to go to the beach had to be changed. we decided instead to go to asheville, nc and see the biltmore house. it was beautiful, and i especially enjoyed the tour. it reminds me of an american versailles, and i left with the same thought: people actually lived here?! we liked it so much we got annual passes - they pay for themselves in two visits, and we thought we might go again for christmas or with our parents sometime.
we also explored downtown asheville. it's both quaint & strange. i was freaked out when we saw a street performer painted like a statue. she stood on the same corner for several hours, not moving a muscle except when someone dropped change in her bucket -- then she'd play a drum beat. pretty bizarre...and cool.we ate at a restaurant that was formerly an s & w cafeteria. what attracted me was the awesome art deco facade. the steak was pretty good, too. all in all, it was a fantastic weekend. we came back sunday night and celebrated chris' 25th birthday monday with four cheese lasagna and a strawberry pie.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new specs, pt. II

as promised a while back, here is a picture of my new glasses. can you tell they're glare-resistant?