Saturday, July 26, 2008

a long needed upate

i have not blogged in quite a while; i'm sure some of my blog stalker friends have missed me (you know who you are!). anyway, life is going very well in greenville, sc.

i'm enjoying work a lot, and katy is persistently looking for a job. we're both excited about her starting work. we found out friday that she doesn't have to take any more classes to be licensed in sc. now she has to find a job and begin supervision to be on track for a full license in a few years. katy told me a few weeks ago that we'll be dinks (dual income, no kids), and we're both excited about that prospect for now.

we're slowly but surely narrowing down choices in the search for a new church home. we're down to three now, so we're going to start trying out sunday schools to meet more couples our age before making the final decision.

we're quickly approaching one year of marriage. it's been a great first year together, and we've been blessed in so many ways. we appreciate all of the folks who have supported us from family to friends in atlanta, augusta, and greenville. we're looking forward to our anniversary day of course, but we're really looking forward to our combo anniversary trip, mini vacation, birthday trip (mine) at the end of august. we're going to daytona beach, so look for some pictures later.

i'm also looking forward to the ncaa's special birthday gift to me each year: the beginning of football season. the great thing about having an early september birthday is that the opening weekend of football season is always close by. we're traveling to atlanta for the first game against jacksonville state the thursday before our beach trip. of course, katy's excited too, but she doesn't pull out the gameday songs to get pumped up like i do.

it's been a great summer, and we're looking forward to the rest of it and an amazing fall.

Monday, July 7, 2008

the fourth in c'burg

chris & i visited my family in childersburg, alabama for the long weekend. my grandparents (dad's parents) live there, as well as my aunt jenny & uncle larry (dad's brother). my parents were able to come from augusta, and my favorite cousin ashley (shown here with me & my grandmother) was able to come down from her internship in NYC.
it was a nice & relaxing weekend, filled with food, visiting, and sleeping (not so different from chris' family reunions!). my aunt & uncle live on the coosa river, so on friday they had us over for swimming and riding sea doos.
we ended the night with a round of fireworks, shot off by chris & uncle larry.on sunday after lunch, grandmother wanted to take some pictures on her front porch. here we are, five days shy of 11 months of marriage.