Saturday, September 10, 2011

labor day weekend: HHI and an annoucement

we got back last week from a wonderful long labor day weekend in hilton head. i have great memories of going to HHI during spring break in high school with my sweet friend jessie's family. it is one of my favorite beaches. we started our weekend on thursday in atlanta, which was christopher's birthday. the ncaa was kind enough to schedule georgia tech's opening game of the season that day- a birthday present to my husband, maybe? because it was a thursday night game, we didn't get to tailgate. but we did eat at five guys with some friends and enjoyed birthday/game day cupcakes. we spent the night in atlanta and drove to HHI on friday. we had lots of relaxing time on the beach to read and be lazy. check out chris' beard! i even got a little tan (only noticeable when you see where my straps were, but for me that counts!). we really enjoyed people-watching as we walked up and down the beach. one of christopher's favorite things about the coast is the fresh seafood. the best place we went was a little hole-in-the-wall appropriately named the sea shack. in true golden family tradition, i am posting a picture of the food:our delicious seafood sampler plate (a.k.a. the shack attack) included crabcake, fish, shrimp, scallops, and oysters. we also went to another seafood place that is not even worth mentioning the name (so chris tells me, i had a steak and it was good). but, they did have a cool boat on the marina named the yellow jacket that we posed with. one morning i woke up early (very unlike me!) to watch the sun rise. it was actually too cloudy to see, but still very peaceful and relaxing. i was reading psalm 139 and was touched and overwhelmed at verses 17-18 about God's thoughts of me (and you) outnumbering the grains of sand!

this is probably our last vacation for a while because...we are having a baby! baby G is due march 12, 2012. here is a picture from earlier this week (13 weeks). not much of a baby bump yet (last i checked i had only gained 2 lbs.), but it will be a good baseline shot: we are very grateful for a safe & healthy pregnancy so far!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

why i love having a dog

this is pretty much a normal day of eva greeting me when i get home from work. it's even better when chris gets home first and he's already let her out. then she's waiting for me at the door.

two sounds i love: her tail banging against stuff when she's wagging it so enthusiastically and her feet pitter-pattering on the hardwoods. to come of our beach vacation!