Thursday, June 16, 2011

playing catch-up: memorial day weekend

i'm a couple weeks behind on blogging...for memorial day weekend, we went to the farm where chris' mom's side of the family gathers for eating, laughing, and relaxing. the male grandchildren have revived the tradition of smoking a whole pig. here they are being manly. sorry for any vegetarians out there, but this stuff's delicious! eva even enjoyed some's a picture of me with my future sister-in-law, andra (kevin's fiancee- immediately next to me). if i look a little different, it's because i tried a spray-tan. i've always wanted to because God did not give me the ability to tan naturally! it felt funny, but i think i could get used to it.

i can't remember who the middle lady is, and the one on the far right is angie, who is a super cool mom and lets me borrow her sweet daughters for some crafts. this year we made beach cupcakes with blue sprinkles, crushed nilla wafers, goldfish, and gummies. thanks to my friend meg for the idea & mrs. cathy for helping gather the supplies!