Monday, December 15, 2008

post-thanksgiving, pre-christmas

here are a couple pictures of us spending thanksgiving with our families (better late than never!):
can you tell which side is which? we spent the first part of the week in augusta with both our immediate families, then we went to south georgia and spent thanksgiving day and weekend with chris' maternal grandparents. they have a farm house in the country, and our visit (as usual) consisted of lots of eating, talking, & sleeping! we also fed some ducks at the pond, shot rifles (thanks to kyle!), and watched the uga-tech game with chris' cousins - one of whom went to uga and one of whom went to tech. talk about a divided house! the highlight of the game (for me) was receiving a text from my dear friend jessie (who went to uga), which stated: "what do georgia and georgia tech fans have in common? none of them went to uga!" (sorry to our uga friends who went there and are fans...this is obviously just a generalization!)

since we got back, i've been doing a lot of decorating, shopping, & baking. here are some pictures of our decorations this year:
this wreath was made with less than $10 of material from michael's! after we put it on our door, chris commented that we should start calling our apt "g-unit".we kept our same charlie brown christmas tree from last year, but as you can see - it just needs a little love!