Saturday, November 8, 2008

october updates: church

a few weeks ago we joined the church we've been visiting. we also started going on wednesday nights and are in a class about discovering your identity in christ, which is a study of the book of ephesians. we've enjoyed getting to know the couples in our sunday school class and have gotten to do some fun things with them. we went out with the class for miniature golf & go-cart racing. we also carved pumpkins with brandon & lori, who made a tradition of doing that each year. it was my first pumpkin carving! lori is an interior designer, so i am thrilled to have found an art buddy in greenville! she & i went downtown to greenville's open studios last weekend, which is an annual event where you can interact with local artists at work in their studios. we decided we need to find an art class in greenville & take it together!

october updates: football games

sorry for the lack of posts this month! football season is in full swing, and we've been at games the past 5 saturdays. i, for one, am thankful for a break today! we've really enjoyed having friends & family come to the games with us. justin & linda joined us for the duke game. luke & julia (who announced they're expecting their first baby next spring!) came to the gardner-webb game. the clemson game was away this year, but it felt more like a home game to me since it's now closer to us than our atlanta games. a few friends from tech (derek, john, & jon) came to stay the night with us here in greenville, then we tailgated after the game with my friend audrey's clemson crew (she's the girl i met taking the class this summer).
the game vs. uva was homecoming, and jordan & emily (who just got engaged!) got to come with us.last weekend was the fsu game, and we went down friday night to see wes, blakely, & ashton again. we hung out at...guess what, another football game (of the high school where wes directs band). then on saturday, mr. chris & mrs. cathy (our parents/in-laws) joined us for the fsu game, and we enjoyed unlimited stir fry at chow baby afterwards.