Monday, April 16, 2012

norah: relatives, outings, and milestones

now it's hard to imagine our life without norah. what did we do before she came?! over the past few weeks, both sets of her grandparents came to visit. it was great to have the extra help!

grammy & pop came when she was two weeks old. she also got to meet her uncle andy:nana & grandpa came when she was four weeks old.
and no, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. there are two babies there; mrs. cathy is holding daniel, our friends' newborn. they came to bring us dinner that week. the husband, adam, plays on the church softball team with christopher. his wife sarah beth & i are enjoying taking the babies to games. this was norah's first outing (other than pediatrician visits)!
norah's second outing was her very first sunday at church, which happened to be easter sunday. she wore a sweet little dress from one of christopher's parents' friends.last weekend, norah got to meet her great-grandparents on my side, grandmother & daddy buck. this was so special and warmed my heart to see! i had been praying they would live to meet their great-grandchildren. God is so good!
norah has already reached some notable milestones. of course, as her parents we are amazed at anything she does! every sneeze, every yawn, every coo seems like a miracle. she started smiling at four weeks old. here she's doing it in her sleep; we thought she must be having sweet dreams!
at four weeks, she also started reaching for things: my hair (she has quite the grip!), christopher's fingers, hanging toys on her activity mat. we have also started doing "tummy time" so she has the opportunity to strengthen her upper body & neck muscles. she is working hard at lifting that heavy little head! one of the most significant milestones (to a sleep deprived mama, anyway!) is that norah slept through the night last night! we hope this will become a regular thing.

we are so excited for christopher's brother kevin & his fiance andra's wedding later this month. this will be our first big outing/trip with norah, and her first time meeting extended family on christopher's side. we hope everything goes smoothly (for them and for us!).

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